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Annual Meeting 2020

Posted on December 2, 2020 at 9:05 AM

This past year has been challenging to say the least. COVID has changed nearly everything in 2020, including how we, Friends of Vernon Marsh, have functioned as an organization. Because of COVID we cancelled all summer activities and because of this we've not had an opportunity to get together for a long time. Only recently did we conduct an outdoor event, our fall clean-up. It was nice to get active in the Marsh again. Also, because of COVID, we've put all our membership and fundraising activities on hold. And now, we need to announce that we have cancelled this year's Annual Meeting. Our Board discussed a number of options at its most recent "virtual meeting" but because of our inactivity this past year, and the fact that COVD is still very much a threat the Board decided that it would be best to cancel this year's annual meeting.

I've had the opportunity to be in the Marsh this past summer for solitary visits and it has been gratifying to see so many people out there. The pandemic has shown us how valuable natural areas, like the Vernon Marsh, are to all of us! When we get outdoors we're reminded of what the natural world brings to our lives. It reminds us that no matter how bad it gets, the water still flows in the Fox River, the geese still migrate, the owls still hoot at night, and yes, the mosquitos still bite! In other words nature grounds us and prepares us to better cope with the complicated pressures of the day!

We're hoping that soon vaccines will be distributed and life can get back to some level of "normal". But for now, please stay safe, enjoy your family and friends to the extent that you can and please get out and safely take a walk in the Marsh! You'll be glad you did.

Now, as I mentioned, we're not meeting formally this year for our Annual Meeting. But, I have attached a ballot, and a membership form. Please vote and renew your membership for 2021. Send in your ballot by email or US mail, the addresses are on the form. We look forward to your renewal and promise that next year we'll be back and active again. We're already planning a Spring Clean-Up and we're especially pleased to share a hold-the-date announcement for June 12, 2021 for our annual Spring Canoe/Kayak Trip!

As quiet as 2020 has been, we haven't stopped everything. Take a look at our website and visit our Vernon Marsh Stories page. Listen to Dick's interview to see how the Marsh has been part of his life. Watch for more interviews and videos in 2021. We are also excited to continue work with the DNR on a new trail in the Marsh. We're working on a grant proposal to help fund a number of sections of boardwalk that will be required. We'll be looking for volunteers to help build and maintain trail sections of this new trail in the future. Stay tuned!

Thank you and stay safe.

Allen Stasiewski, president Friends of Vernon Marsh


Message From Friends of Vernon Marsh

Posted on May 15, 2020 at 8:35 AM

Dear Friend, It's been an interesting, challenging, and a bit scary few months. We hope that you and your family is safe and healthy. Thank you to any of you who are out there on the front lines during this pandemic. We really appreciate you!


Because of the COVID19 Threat and the Safe at Home order here in Wisconsin we have gone very quiet when usually this is a very busy time of year for Friends of Vernon Marsh. If you follow us on Facebook, you will have read that we cancelled all public events in the Marsh from January thru the end of May. And, because it takes lots of planning we are now announcing that events will also be cancelled thru the end of June. We realize that a hike or canoe or kayak trip into the Marsh might just be what people need right now. However, we can't justify bringing people together at this time in a group, even with restrictions. Later in the summer, we might be able to plan events, we'll have to see.


Even though all formal Friends events are on hold or cancelled, please don't stop enjoying the outdoors. Nature is healing and the Marsh is open! But please take appropriate precautions and practice appropriate social distancing. With many of us looking for safe things to do it seems that the marsh has been a most favored destination. I've personally observed more people than ever visiting the Marsh this spring. So please stay safe!!


During the past few months we haven't stopped working we've just been working on projects we've got in our plans. We are continuing our work with the DNR to designate and build a brand new hiking trail, including a boardwalk section, we are financing some trail maintenance on rutted trails near the Mukwonago side of the marsh, and we are looking into what it will take to improve watercraft launch sites on Hwy I and Hwy ES, outside of the Marsh. Hopefully, all these things will happen, it's just a matter of when.


So, please stay safe. Be kind to your family and neighbors and have faith that we will get through this.


Watch for more updates on our website and/or on our Facebook Page, or right here via email.


Let me know if you have any questions.


PS: I've attached one of my favorite photos taken during one of our recent hikes in the marsh. I hope you like spiders!


Allen Stasiewski

Friends of Vernon Marsh



2020 Board of Directors

Posted on December 5, 2019 at 9:35 PM

Congratulations to the following members who have won a new three year term on the Friends of Vernon Marsh Board of Directors beginning in January 2020. Thank you for volunteering to help make the Vernon March Wildlife Area a wonderful place.


Allen Stasiewski

Don Camping

Rachel Oemig Klien