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June 16th Canoe / Kayak Trip Final Details

Posted on June 5, 2018 at 8:40 AM

Well, I can't believe its here, we're just a little over a week and a half away from our 2018 Canoe/Kayak Trip. The response has been amazing. Thank you all for talking-up the trip! A special welcome, once again, to our friends from the Schussboomer Ski Club!

If you can't make it this year, we'll miss you....but there's always next summer! Remember, we do these trips to get people out into the Marsh and into the watershed. We're much more inclined to fight for something we love and appreciate!

It looks like we will have approximately 34 paddlers in this years trip! That's the biggest group yet. In 2016 we had 28 paddlers. See the list below. Paddling partners can be switched if desired

Here are all the final trip details. Another update will be sent a few days before the trip.

• Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.

• We will meet at the bridge over the Fox River on Hwy ES (National Ave) as you enter Mukwonago from the east at 9:30 am. We hope to get on the river at approximately 10:00 am.

• We will need to shuttle some cars to the take-out spot as soon as people arrive, so please let me know if you can help with this. Please be patient while we arrange the shuttle. Last the end off the trip we will shuttle people back to the put-in spot. This might take a little while so once again, please be patient.

• This event is free, however, we would love it if would take this opportunity to renew your membership or consider becoming a member of Friends of Vernon Marsh.

• We will have brochures available. Cash or checks are OK. You can renew or join the day of the event or later if you wish.

• Family memberships are $30 and individual memberships are $20. Cash or check OK.

• All participants must wear a Life Vest, so if you have one please bring it. If you have a spare and wouldn't mind lending it please bring it along.

• All DNR canoes are accounted for. Please make sure your name is on the list below. Each DNR canoe will come with two paddles and two life vests. Please bring your own Life Vest if you have one, as sizes can sometimes be an issue.

• This year's trip will take us on the Fox River south of the Vernon Marsh from Mukwonago to Big Bend Village Park, approximately 7 miles. This is a very scenic route.

• The tour will not involve a portage, and will end at the take-out on Hwy L in Big Bend in Big Bend Park.

• We will be asking participants to sign a liability waiver this year on the morning of the event.

• Dress accordingly.

• What to bring?

• sunscreen

• insect repellent

• water bottle (very important)

• hat with brim

• sun glasses

• energy bar or snack

• rain gear if necessary

• water shoes or sneakers

• small towel to dry things off

• small dry pack or waterproof bag for keys, snacks, etc.

• This trip will take approximately 3 hours (approx. 7 miles) and will require mild to moderate physical activity in the form of paddling a kayak or canoe. We will collect litter as we casually paddle the river. If you have some spare bags please bring them or we will provide some bags with each canoe.

This trip will take place rain or shine, except if there is thunder and lightning or a downpour expected. Past trips have been cancelled so please call Allen at the number below if there is any question as to the weather.

Allen Stasiewski



DNR Canoes

Canoe #1

Kim B & Jan B

Canoe #2

Jan V & Darlene K

Canoe #3

Mary K & Kathy R

Canoe #4

Tom S & Son

Canoe #5

Erin K & Family Members (2)

Canoe #6

Catherine H & Carla

Canoe #7

Tom S Brother & Family Member

Canoe #8

Corey & To Be Determined

Will Use Own Kayaks

Art B

Allen S

Sandy F

Julie D

Sue C

Lori S

Marge W

Gary G

Lori G

Larry M

Larry M Friend

Keith S

Carla S

Terry K

Tina K

Misty A

Misty A Friend

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