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Village Project May Impact Mukwonago River and wetlands

Posted on September 10, 2019 at 8:40 AM

In keeping with our mission of protection of the Vernon Marsh Wildlife Area and it's watershed, we are passing along this important information to our members. Please read the comments below from our partners at Friends of Mukwonago River.

This project is very close to wetlands which filter and protect our waters. There are a number of suggestions made below that would make this project more sustainable and less damaging. No matter what happens though, if this project is approved, it will impact the area negatively. It's always a matter of degrees. There will be damage to the area in the short and long term. There will be an impact from construction disruption in the short term and run-off due to lawn chemicals/poisons in the long term among other concern,

We encourage the village to do everything in its power to accurately identify and protect area wetlands and the Mukwonago River in both the short and long term!

Click on the link in the text below to learn more on the Village Website and please attend the hearing on Tuesday night to express your opinions.

Thank you to Friends of Mukwonago River for sending the notice below!


Friends of Vernon Marsh

Notice: Village of Mukwonago Plan Commission / Phantom Lakes Preserve /  proposed  20 unit condo development with potential wetland and River impacts

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