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The Vernon Marsh is being used as a garbage dump.  Each Spring the Friends of Vernon Marsh conducts a marsh clean-up.  Last year's clean-up resulted in the collection of over 10 large garbage bags of debris, old tires, even a broken up TV set.  The year before someone dumped old roof shingles in two large separate piles in parking areas within the Marsh.  The shingles were loose and heavy and intermixed with rusty nails.  It took hours of hard careful work to pick up these shingles by hand. 

The Vernon Marsh belongs to all of us.  When someone dumps their garbage in the Marsh it spoils the beauty of the area for all who visit it.  It diminishes the experience for hikers, hunters, bird watchers, dog walkers...for all or us who love the outdoors. 

Watch our Events  page for dates and times for the Marsh Clean Up.  Meet at the Frog Alley parking Lot.  Wear old clothes, sturdy shoes, and work gloves.  Hope you can join us!  Help protect the Vernon Marsh and all the wildlife that lives there. Get involved, get into the Marsh! 

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