Call this number if you notice game violations in the Vernon Marsh Wildlife Area: 1-800-847-9367
The Warden for Vernon is Steve Sanidas Office   #414-263-8544

Vernon Marsh is a unique ecosystem in Waukesha County consisting of approximately 5,000 acres of marshland, grassland, flowage, rivers, oak savanna, and lowland forest.  It supports abundant wildlife including songbirds, waterfowl, frogs, turtles, furbearers, deer, turkey, pheasants and sandhill cranes.  Within the Vernon Marsh, the Vernon Wildlife Area is available for hiking, hunting, bird watching, canoeing, trapping and fishing.

Please hold the date for our 2021 Friends of Vernon Marsh Annual Meeting.  The meeting will be held via Zoom on December 9, 2021 starting at 6:30 pm.  Hopefully next year we can resume in-person meetings.  Watch for more information soon! 


A River Runs Through It

The Fox River runs through Vernon Marsh, making the marsh a vital connection between the Fox River, Mukwonago River, Pebble Creek, and Mill Creek watersheds.

Making A Difference! 

Volunteers needed to help slow the spread of invasive plants and animals.   Read more...

See DNR Press Release 

on Friends of Vernon Marsh Assistance.

The impact of High Capacity Wells.  Can this happen in Waukesha County?

Our Mission

Friends of Vernon Marsh, formed in 2008, works to restore native plant and wildlife communities and enhance the quality of the outdoor experiences enjoyed by visitors to the Vernon Marsh. Equally important, Friends of Vernon Marsh helps educate the public on the important role the Vernon Marsh plays in the protection, cleansing and recharge of water resources, and the preservation of wildlife and open spaces.

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